We appreciate creators and owners of the copyrighted material, and are against any infringement and violation of the same. To support this practice and keep it going, we expect from people the same regarding our content, creators and owners. is compliance with and protected by the Digital Millennium Copyright Act (“DMCA”). Therefore, it comes under our policy to take into consideration any infringement notice and take strict and appropriate actions against it under the Digital Millennium Copyright Act and other similar regulatory bodies.

If you find posting or using your copyrighted content without permission of the creator or owner, and you want the concerned content removed, then you must provide us with a written communication that contains the information listed in the following section. Your copyrighted content must have been used by us without any deliberate intention or knowing it be copyrighted.   Be aware of it that if any claimed infringement or breach of your copyrighted content proved to be false or misrepresented in any way, you would be liable for the monetary damages and loss of time in the process.

Therefore, we would like to suggest you to consult first with an attorney or legal assistant and know about your rights and responsibilities before taking any legal action against the accused and filing any infringement notices in this matter.

Notice of Copyright Infringing

The following elements must be included in your copyright infringement claim:

  • Your signature (physical or electronic) must be included or of the person (your agent) authorized to act on your behalf.
  • The concerned copyrighted work, that has been infringed upon or violated, should be clearly identified. To locate the infringed work easily, it would be helpful for us if you provide the URL link of the concerned content posted on
  • Identify the activity that is infringing and violating your copyrighted content, and provide the reasonably sufficient information regarding how it does so.
  • Provide the sufficient contact information, such as contact number, valid email address, of the complaining party or of the agent acting on its behalf so that could connect.
  • A statement should be included that the complaining party or its agent has a good faith belief that the activity is unauthorized.
  • A statement that the information provided in the notice is correct and accurate and, under the penalty of perjury, the complaining party or its authorized agent is delegated to act on the behalf of the complaining party.

Send the written infringement notice through Contact Us page.

If we are proven, with reasonably sufficient information and evidence, infringing on or violating your copyrighted work, we will apologize and be ready to take the infringed work down or have it removed from

Or you could submit infringement notice through DMCA.

Please allow 2-3 business days for an email response.