Free Express VPN: Activation Code & Username, Password (9.0.20)


Free Express VPN Activation Code and Email-ID, Password (9.0.20)

In this blog, we are going to introduce you to Express VPN. To use the premium version of the software, you need to purchase activation code. Therefore, we will be providing you with free Express VPN activation code. So, you don’t need to spend your money.

But, before using any software, first we need to know about it, and why we need it. As Express VPN is a VPN (Virtual Private Network), so we will give you an idea how a VPN really works and keeps us secured online. After that, we will list some benefits of VPN, and how they can help. Thus, you will get better understanding of the software.

At last, most importantly, we will be offering you free Express VPN activation code. With that, you could get rid of ExpressVPN free trial period and switch it to premium.

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Why VPN is Important?

Let’s imagine an online world. As you enter there, you are assigned a unique number ID. And over your head there pops up a device, out of nowhere. This device scans your ID, and only after that lets you do anything. And everything in this world is provided by a platform. There are millions. Even to talk to the person beside you, you need a platform and the device. Otherwise, you can’t.

Above all, this device processes all your activities.  Even a minor detail, for instance, glancing at some passer-by. There is no privacy. Every single thing is out there in the device, and is accessible to all the platforms, providing their services. They can log all your activities; thus, collect data of and about you. Moreover, they may also use this data to benefit themselves, even at cost of your privacy. In addition, hackers and man-in-the-middle can tap into this device, too. There is no one to stop them. Worst thing is, you won’t be aware of it.

Does this hypothetical world seem scary or un-real? Certainly, it’s scary but not un-real. Truth is stranger than fiction. Though not exactly in same manner, but we are in that same world while connected to internet. That unique ID is our IP address, the device our incoming and outgoing traffic and the platforms, along with your ISP, YouTube, Facebook, Netflix, you name it.

Without a good VPN, our privacy and security are at risk every time we use internet. Any online platform we use can collect the information we browse on and type into it; be it critical information such as an account’s email and password, credit card numbers and pin code, our location, sites we visited, things we downloaded and similarly thousand other things.

But no more!


How Does VPN Work?

In previous section, we have seen the risk we are at without a good VPN. Now let’s see how a VPN works and how it keeps us secured and our privacy intact. First kindly watch the picture given at the beginning of this section; VPN is illustrated there. Did you get some idea about working of VPN? If not, let me tell you then.

Any VPN provider offers you their built program, for example ExpressVPN, and it is called VPN client. And this program, you have to install in your device. After that, VPN service begins. As we are talking about ExpressVPN, let’s take it as an example to understand better. ExpressVPN is a VPN client; to avail VPN services, you will have to install this in your device. To understand it in practice, you could download ExpressVPN free trial; there is no need to buy Express VPN activation code right now.

Having done with installing ExpressVPN? Now whatever you search using internet, the traffic of it is encrypted by ExpressVPN client. Though this traffic then goes to your ISP, but they can’t know your search as it is now protected with AES-256 encryption. What ISP knows now is that your traffic is directing somewhere but not exactly where. After that, your traffic goes to the servers set by ExpressVPN themselves. There your encrypted traffic is decoded, and whatever you searched for is fetched through IP address of servers themselves. Again, your search is encrypted by servers.

Then it goes to ISP. Still the ISP is not aware of your search. After that, your encrypted traffic hits your ExpressVPN client, and is decoded by it. Eventually, you have your desired search result without anyone knowing it.

Benefits of Activated ExpressVPN (9.0.20)

In previous section, we have seen how does a VPN works, and how does it protect our privacy and keeps us secured online. ExpressVPN does the same. But apart from securing our information by AES-256 encryption, it allows us to do various things: allows us to change geological location, hides our original IP address, and erases boundaries across the world, thus, enables us to access country specific content.  We are going to list these benefits with little detail below. Usually to keep using them, you have to buy ExpressVPN plan and activation it with ExpressVPN activation code, but you don’t have to do so.

Because in next section, we are going to give you list of free ExpressVPN activation codes. Similarly, no need to get stuck with trial version. However, if you want to use ExpressVPN free trial, there will be link for that also; You will be able to use the application for 30-day. After that, it will ask for ExpressVPN activation code to use it further. You know where to look for that!

Some Benefits Are Thus:-

  1. AES-256 encryption with hidden IP: ExpressVPN encrypts your outgoing and incoming traffic data with AES-256 encryption. Thus, it keeps your searches and information protected. As a result, no one will be able to know about your activities. Even if man-in-the-middle hacked into you network, it would be hard for him to decode your encrypted traffic data. Hence, your privacy stays intact. Apart from encryption, ExpressVPN hides your IP address as well. We have seen before that your encrypted traffic goes to one of ExpressVPN’s servers. The server decodes your encrypted searches and fetches information for you from internet with its own IP address. Therefore, your original IP address stays incognito. As a result, no one will be able to trace location or log your activities. Because to do so, to know someone’s IP address is must.
  2. Switch Locations: ExpressVPN has its servers all over the globe. Therefore, you could attach to any of these servers and, thus, change your location. That is to say, no one can know your exact location.
  3. Access without border: There is content that is country specific and available for its citizen. But as ExpressVPN allows you to change your location, you could have access to them. Hence, no more restrictions on the way to entertainment.
  4. Servers across the Globe: While using any VPN, Internet speed will slow down certainly. Because, now your traffic data goes first to client server and then to internet. Before, it went directly to internet. But now more routes are added. Hence, need for more time to travel. But as ExpressVPN has its servers across 94 countries, you could connect to the server nearest to your location. Thus, you will shorten the route path, and as a result, your internet speed will go up.

 ExpressVPN free 30-day money back guarantee 



List of Working Express VPN Activation Code (9.0.20)

To activate the application, first you need account with ExpressVPN username and password. If you don’t have, no worries. You could create account on ExpressVPN for free. Thus, you will have ExpressVPN username and password to log in. After that, you will need ExpressVPN activation code to switch ExpressVPN free trial to premium. To get that, you don’t need to go anywhere. Because below we have listed free ExpressVPN activation codes for you. Now you could avail and enjoy the benefits of ExpressVPN for free.

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Express VPN New License Keys-


Express VPN New Email ID & Password:

  1. [email protected]: sashag123
  2. [email protected]: Ab331389
  3. [email protected]: sejejonas2
  4. [email protected]: Awesome5
  5. [email protected]: Jomshiv1
  6. [email protected]: Arianna1
  7. [email protected]: oscar56789
  8. [email protected]: Lovedare00

đź’˘Express VPN keys for pc


Some Free ExpressVPN Activation Codes (2020, 2019, 2018)


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List of Express VPN Activation Code (2016-2015)


Express VPN Email ID and Password (Activation Code)

Email ID Password
[email protected] Sleepy7470!
[email protected] yahoo003
[email protected] Inspiron13
[email protected] yaoyuzhu6236
[email protected] mythology7
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Express VPN Username and Password For Lifetime(Android)

Email ID Password
[email protected] Meesha13
[email protected] B!ngo1122
[email protected] Keegan901
[email protected] Destiny13!
[email protected] Kardon55

List of Express VPN Lifetime Username & Password (ISO)

Email ID Password
[email protected] Jordan23
s[email protected] rangers
[email protected] mimi2403
[email protected] wordlife
[email protected] Jake11599


We hope you found this blog helpful. You will have known how a VPN works to secure our privacy. As we have provided you with free Express VPN activation codes, hurry up and protect your privacy. Because each activation code is for a user only. Moreover, now you will be able to browse and stream any country specific content.

If you encounter any problem while installing or activating the software, mail us on [email protected]. We would be glad to resolve the issues. And if you have any queries, you could ask us on the same email address as well. Or you can join our Telegram Discussion Group.

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