Free iExplorer 4 Registration Code & Serial Key [Genuine] 2020


In this blog, we are going to introduce you to iExplorer and its features. To give you some idea about each feature, we will explain them in more details. As a result, you will know the objective and functions of the application itself. Although there is free version of iExplorer, but this version restricts your data transmission limit. To break free off that, we will provide you with iExplorer registration code list. These free registration codes for iExplorer will remove limit barrier and unlock all premium features for you.

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In this blog, we have given the latest iExplorer 4 registration code. So, it is advisable to install latest iExplorer 4 and activate and use it. But if you are still using version 3, then no problem. Because there are iExplorer 3 registration codes as well.

Now let’s know what iExplorer really is!

What is iExplorer for?


iExplorer is simply a file manager software especially made for apple devices, iPhone, iPad and iPod. With android and windows mobiles, you can easily plug them into your laptop and use them to transfer data. Android and Windows devices become like a USB hard drive when plugged to computer. After that, it is cup of tea to transmit your files and folders from your mobile to the system and vice versa. There is no need of any application. But in case of apple devices, that’s not like that. Though there is iTunes available, but that is only limited to media files. In addition, there are limitations to iTunes as well. You can only use iTunes for adding songs, syncing data and updating your device to latest version. And little bit more. There is no free play of data transfer and back-up from iPhone and iPad to your computer and vice versa.

To get rid of all above barriers, iExplorer comes out as the best software. All you have to do is get and install iExplorer and connect your apple device. That’s all! No extra knowledge needed! Because iExplorer has such an intuitive and comprehensive interface that makes it easy to use. The moment you plug in your apple device, its profile and data will flash on iExplorer. After that, you are free to manipulate your iPhone and iPad data in any way. You can transfer songs, access file and folders, export text messages and call history, take back-up of the device and much more. iExplorer allows you to do all this with a few clicks or drag and drop feature. Moreover, you can mount your whole device and use it like hard drive if you want.

To see all this in practice, kindly consider watching below video.

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Features of Premium iExplorer

As mentioned before, there is free version available of iExplorer. But it comes with some limitations. To get rid of them, you will have to activate the program with iExplorer serial key. After having activated it with iExplorer serial key, you will be able to use it freely. There will be no data transfer limit, and premium features will be unlocked as well.


Below we are listing some features of iExplorer. If you want to use them without any restriction, then activate the program with our free iExplorer registration code.

Some features of iExplorer-

  • Transfer Music and More: For music transfer, there is iTunes available. But iTunes only lets you put songs from your computer to your iPhone and iPad, not vice versa. On contrary, iExplorer lets you do that as well. You can browse and select your songs in iPhone or iPad, and move them to your laptop. As a result, you could share songs to whatever device. If you have lots of favourite songs, but they are taking much space in your iPhone or iPad, then it’s time shift some of them to your laptop; there is no need to delete any one of them and lose your favourite memories attached to it.
  • Export Messages and Call history: As the time passes, messages after messages pile up. And some are conversations with loved ones, and some contain business and work information. They all are important, and need not to be lost at any cost. With iExplorer, you can export your text messages to your laptop in files such as text, CSV and pdf. All conversation will be preserved as it is with proper format and meta-data. And the good this is, you can do the same with your call logs and history.
  • Mount it like Hard Drive:  iExplorer allows you to mount your whole iPhone or iPad. As a result, you can use it like a hard drive and see the files and folders inside.
  • Small little things: The use of iExplorer doesn’t end here. There are lot of things still you can do with this program. You can export you contacts and address book in proper extension to your laptop. There is also option to move your voice mails and memos to your system. If you want to export calendar events, notes, reminder etc, you can easily do that with iExplorer.


List of Registration Codes for iExplorer

In this section, we are listing some registration codes for iExplorer. Though each iExplorer serial key is for lifetime, but can be used only once. So, hurry up and get your iExplorer activated first. If by chance any iExplorer registration code does not work, then it means some user has come and used that code before you.

At present, iExplorer 4 is the latest version. Keeping that in mind, we have provided you with iExplorer 4 registration codes. So, you could avail the latest premium version of iExplorer and use its features.

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But if you are still using iExplorer 3 for some reason, then don’t worry. Because for users like you, we have given some iExplorer 3 registration codes as well.

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New List of iExplorer Serial Key

  • WCG-V5VBF-Y8P59-MWP59-9iP59

iExplorer 4 Registration Code List 


iExplorer v3,4 Registration Code List – 2020

  • 7Q89J-5N12C-4MIJU-8RNPZ-J3CDN
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Free VS. Paid IExplorer 4

To make a distinction between free and paid iExplorer clear, we are giving a picture below. In this picture, the difference with free and paid version are mentioned. Based on that, you can decide to install the version that suits your need.


Above we have given you free iExplorer serial keys. But if they have been already used by first comer users, then no worries. Below we have given you the link for premium version of iExplorer. By spending a little, you can get iExplorer 4. This way, you will be also supporting the developer of the program. As a result, they will be able to sustain themselves and progress and upgrade to and launch more software like iExplorer 4.

Buy Latest iExplorer 4


We hope this blog helped you to know about iExplorer. Now you may be familiar with functions and features of iExplorer. To activate the program, we have given you registration codes for iExplorer. After having activated it, you will be able to use it without any restriction.

If you encounter any problem while installing or activating the software, mail us on [email protected]. We would be glad to resolve the issues. And if you have any queries, you could ask us on the same email address as well. Or you can join our Telegram Discussion Group.

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