100% malwarebytes premium v4.1.2 lifetime free key [2021 List]


Malwarebytes Premium Free Key For Lifetime – This antivirus protects your PC from tons of viruses and threats offline, and it keeps you safe online from hackers and data tracing sites.

When activated with Malwarebytes Premium Activation Key, Malwarebytes is once and for all antivirus you will ever need. Because it provides you security from all sorts of malware, offline and online. You name any malicious program, and it can detect it and destroy. Unlike any other antiviruses, it scans your system to its depth and finds even hidden malware and roots them out. Thus, it doesn’t let your PC’s performance down, and your data is safe, too.

With Malwarebytes premium, you can surf online without any dread of your information being stolen or your activities being spied on. Malwarebytes premium offers you privacy with next-gen VPN that keeps your internet connection encrypted and, allows you to change your location to anywhere in the world. It provides you with virtual IP address, too, so your activities can’t be traced and stored by any website.

Malwarebytes Free 🆚 Premium

The problem is, you can only avail all the features we have talked about above with Malwarebytes Premium. Though Malwarebytes also lets you to use it for free, but it is only for 14 days. After that, you will have to purchase it and activate it with license ID and activation key. But don’t worry! Just wait till end, we are here to give you malware bytes free premium license key and license ID list. So, you could activate and run Malwarebytes Premium for lifetime.

Features and Benefits of Malwarebytes Premium

If you have Malwarebytes activation keys and its ID, it opens for you all following features.

  • It cleans your PC and remove every category of malware, so your system could keep its performance high. And your data remains protected and intact from threats.
  • While browsing online, Malwarebytes Premium keeps you safe and away from harmful websites which are likely to track your activities and bombard you with unnecessary advertisements. Or websites lure you to click on some link and thus install malware in your system to collect private information like Bank details, IDs and Passwords, Credential documents and so on and so forth.
  • Malwarebytes provides you shield against ransomware. With this feature, there is next to nothing chance that your PC being hacked, locked and you being asked to pay money to access it back.
  • It provides you real-time protection. Malwarebytes hunts every new malware out there and provides protection against it. So, if there is a new malware, you will be the last person to be affected by it.
  • If you are on Wi-Fi, Malwarebytes will encrypt it. As a result, no one is likely to break your security and gain access to your internet connection.
  • With its next-gen VPN, Malwarebytes Premium provides you with virtual IP address, so no one can track your location and activities. It also allows you to change your location and show it to be anywhere across the globe. Therefore, no one will have any idea about the original location of yours.
  • After seeing above benefits and features, who would not rush to install Malwarebytes and purchase Malware bytes activation key, no matter how costly it is. Because at the end of the day, we like to protect our privacy and data even if we have to spend some money on security rather than compromising with it.

But we are here to put you in win-win situation. Because we are going to provide you with Malwarebytes premium activation keys, so you could save money and do party on this occasion of activating this awesome antivirus for free.

Now let’s see how to install Malwarebytes for free and activate it with Malwarebytes premium free key.

How to Activate Malwarebytes Premium For Free?

To install Malwarebytes antivirus for free, click on this link:

Or you can go to official site of Malwarebytes, and from there, you can also download it for free.

After installing Malwarebytes in your system, click it to open. The window will appear similar to given below:


Now go to upper right corner and click that “Activate License” button. After that, the window will open as given below:


Now you need to pay attention. Just don’t rush down to copy license key from our given list of Malwarebytes premium free activation key and ID. Because if you do so, it won’t work. The reason is that it is asking for only License Key, but below we have listed pairs of free Malwarebytes license key and ID, and they work together.

The next step is, you see the red arrow pointing to switch button? Go and switch it to right and it will turn blue. After that, It will open a window as shown in the below picture:


Finally, it’s time to go to the free Malwarebytes license key and ID list. Go there and copy a pair of License ID and key, and paste each in its appropriate place. Don’t copy an ID from one pair and a license key from another pair. It won’t work because a license key and an ID make a pair, and they work together as a pair.

List of Malwarebytes Premium Free Activation Key With License ID For LifeTime

Note: Hurry up and be the first to activate your Malwarebytes with below license keys and IDs. Because each license key can be used only in 2 PCs. After that, it can’t be used anymore.

2021 New List of Malwarebytes 4.1.2 Free


List of Malwarebytes 4.0 Lifetime Premium Key x10

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  1. 5KW42:94NT-U8V5-5RMR-D6PX
  2. 4LA65:28AP-A1RX-4WEW-NAYV
  3. 7TH76:XED8-XE6K-BX0U-TW0R
  4. 4NC82:MP8T-BJDH-CK1K-5NH3
  5. 2CF52:WBEP-9CMT-MGWA-1A92
  6. 5AB88:H1M1-8GGF-XVU9-0BPU
  7. 3XX55:5Q5Y-4PY2-3C9D-GRWB
  8. 3UG75:3137-PGWX-NNPT-YT1V
  9. 3WQ72:QNWU-1HBR-2KE5-KPR2
  10. 8VW35:CEAB-6923-HLC9-XETT
  11. 3PB41:RMR3-8ATH-QX70-V9N2
  12. 5JP43:3J3A-H7BX-AL38-L37D
  13. 8JU52:RVPP-A0J3-D7JJ-5G7P
  14. 7UM56:D2GR-ALY3-816A-7YY4
  15. 2FT64:B0PJ-CNQ1-3X41-WCKE
  16. 2MP83:0H77-JYQE-FJVJ-JTLC
  17. 4CB33:TQAD-1RBX-C9GC-9Y56
  18. 7AU27:p50D-9HG1-D653-X84P
  19. 8HC42:6FCC-DQ5U-6D5J-W6BC
  20. 7KK48:K06U-4HAT-WRB8-C0BG
  21. 5RM53:LYK2-TV8W-BNJ9-99JP
  22. 5RE32:UUE0-708M-R212-KTM8
  23. 7TN74:BUHW-R91D-EXYN-58GM
  24. 5KX28:DW24-5YF2-602J-WY1V
  25. 5NA42:R9CT-P8HG-DMR6-9LXE
  26. 4PF48:4BRT-7K2X-H01R-HPDD
  27. 4VV53:3A2M-T5E9-YJ8R-N3NU
  28. 2UA15:5VF8-GFEY-M96K-VT8B
  29. 4KT82:H6MK-0LL7-P8K9-3DV5
  30. 8QT37:52QP-6174-V88P-BWB1
  32. 3YA28:T7UU-HGFP-L0B7-RUH3
  33. 2LW71:L0X1-BF7T-N78T-XY5X
  34. 4MD46:FUPQ-2YFM-W6NK-XUA3
  35. 6PP25:70WX-8KF6-YTRX-CPN0
  36. 8UQ48:F87L-CW5E-PQ49-UN8P
  37. 5GW33:pCYD-Q7XT-1A7A-CA5N
  38. 3DD47:YBG4-ABVF-GGH3-B31K
  39. 6GG73:7F5L-WWLN-N9UX-8TBJ
  40. 3VR84:7XWF-WDDE-D58T-B8YJ
  42. 7KN82:99HJ-TWCJ-33G3-1DX0
  43. 4YU64:0UAG-NKXG-KAA0-XX0Q
  44. 4BN47:YCQC-9DQ3-XW3D-QH8Y
  45. 6BE37:LB56-P25U-90UW-QB4E
  47. 2CY73:WRKD-WEY5-M3JX-JB5D
  48. 8AX77:pJEE-U16K-1KLM-361M
  49. 8NC55:MCBD-K5PX-A41Y-CDDV
  50. 2TQ75:0DA5-JQY7-988F-E0AE
  51. 6NC28:VTCW-5JT4-HKG5-GQER
  52. 8XD87:91LD-1AMH-09VT-3NQ0
  53. 3BR63:QGH0-KLT0-4LC5-BXFC
  54. 5WP36:FGYT-G4P9-Q3JV-16XL
  55. 5GJ22:NUR8-AT66-WYA0-1WGL
  56. 6PJ56:75KQ-3PCW-RG7T-HM0W
  57. 8TF67:YJX4-FMN4-GJ38-QWB1
  58. 5VX83:7V5F-YYMN-LJ7J-YPM4
  59. 2NN75:1UMC-CBKH-A5P2-5PR8
  60. 8LN63:QB5X-MTF9-C5JD-EPFH
  61. 5KN63:7JRU-HE12-MJLM-JGMV
  62. 6RX72:K5HU-3XBL-MDPN-MK1B
  63. 5EF26:QF9U-AYFV-3T75-MTCP
  64. 2LH83:K30L-NHMH-WHLV-3DRL
  65. 6TH62:9U82-NQPH-DX8P-3VTJ
  66. 2PN87:K425-B64T-3NMH-4G98
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  • Download and install
  • Check “My License cam with a LicenseID”
  • Key format is XXXXX:AAAA-AAAA-AAAA-AAAA.
  • X – LicenseID
  • A – LicenseKey

List of Malware Bytes Keys – License ID: License Key


Benefits of Using Paid (Premium) Version of Malwarebytes

Free Paid
You will be able to use the free trial version only for 14 days. After that, you will have to purchase Malwarebytes Premium license key. In the paid version, the duration of the program depends on the subscribed plan. Usually, subscription is of at least one year.
You cannot use some premium features in the trial version. To break free of this, you need to switch to the premium version. You receive all the premium features and new updates as soon as they roll out.
No customer support service. In the subscribed plan, if you encounter any technical issue, you can have customer support. They will help you out or answer your queries.
No advanced protection In the paid version, you have advanced protection at your disposal as you receive updated technology and database of Malwarebytes detection.

Frequently Asked Questions About Malwarebytes Key

Where to Download Malwarebytes Software With Already Purchased Key?

You can Download Malwarebytes crack software from third-party websites; they provide you with a crack setup of Malwarebytes antivirus. Or they could also give you a key generator for Malwarebytes premium. Through the key generator, you can generate any number of valid activation keys for Malwarebytes. After that, you can activate the software easily. Here, no need to purchase a license key for Malwarebytes antivirus.

To Malwarebytes software with already purchased key, follow below steps:

Step 1: Click on this:

The link will take you to the official page for Malwarebytes Premium 2020 antivirus. Scroll down and you will come across the buy button. Buy Malwarebytes software from there. The setup might come in a WinRAR file. And any antivirus installed in your system might term Malwarebytes crack as a virus. So, kindly turn off your antivirus first before extracting the WinRAR file. After that, install the software in your system.

Step 2:  Now open the software; it will be already activated as it is crack. But in case, if it is not, then you will probably find a key generator for Malwarebytes in the extracted folder.

Step 3: Open the key generator for Malwarebytes and hit the generate key button; it will generate a valid activation key for Malwarebytes antivirus. Now turn off your Wi-Fi. Only after that, go ahead and activate Malwarebytes Premium 2020 antivirus.

A Warning: Using crack versions of any software is considered not a legal practice. Doing so might be termed as an offence. Neither we support any kind of illegal way to use any paid software or crack version of it. And crack software is infested with malware as well. So, if you still want a cracked version of Malwarebytes, do it at your own risk.

Where is Malwarebytes Product Key Located?

You have already activated Malwarebytes? But you want to know where it is located in the software? To know that, follow below steps:

Step 1: If you have installed Malwarebytes already, you must be seeing the Malwarebytes icon on your desktop screen. Click on the icon to open the software.

Step 2: The software will open, and you will see a window as given in the below picture. Move your cursor to the top right corner, you will see the “Setting” icon there as highlighted in the below picture.

Step 3: Now click on the “Setting” icon. A window will open, as given in the below picture, with tabs such as General, Notification, Security etc. You need to click the one named “Account”. See the highlighted section in the below picture.


Step 4: Finally, you will be able to see your “Account Details”. Here under the License Key title, you will find your Malwarebytes product key.

Still have not activated Malwarebytes antivirus? Now it’s time to download your computer protected against malware. Below we have given you a purchasing link for Malwarebytes product key.

>>>>Buy Malwarebytes Product Key<<<<<

How to Enter Malwarebytes Key?

To enter Malwarebytes and activate the software is easy. You just need to follow simple step as given below:

Step 1: After installing the software, you will be seeing the Malwarebytes icon. Open the software by clicking on the icon. After that, a window will open as given in the below picture. At the top right corner, you will see the “Activate license” button. Click on that.


Step 2: After that, the activation windows will open as given in the below picture. It will ask you to enter a valid license key. After putting Malwarebytes license key into input, hit “Activate” button


Step 3: But if you have both License ID and License key, then switch to “My license came with a License ID”. Refer to the below picture. After entering both Malwarebytes License ID and License Key, press the “Activate” button.


To buy Malwarebytes antivirus, go to our purchase link. After placing your order, you will get valid Malwarebytes product key. You will also receive valid License ID and License Key for Malwarebytes antivirus.

How to Download  Malwarebytes Premium Free and Keep It From Blacklisting Your Key?

To download Malwarebytes Premium free, go to this click:. Through this link, you will be able to download a free trial version of Malwarebytes Premium. Or you can refer to our first question in the section named “Frequently Asked Questions”. There we have answered the question how you can download already activated Malwarebytes. In that, you don’t need to activate the software.

Now the question regarding the blacklisting of keys: If you have obtained a Malwarebytes key in an illegal way or the validity of the key has expired, then while activating the application, you will receive an error “The license key is blacklisted” or “Installation-token not found” as given in the below picture. So, what can you do to keep your Malwarebytes key from blacklisting?

Firstly, always download a Malwarebytes key in a legal way. For that, we are giving your below purchasing link of Malwarebytes Premium. You can buy valid and working Malwarebytes Premium key from there.

Buy valid Malwarebytes Premium

Second, use the key before it gets expired. If you try to activate the application with an expired license key, it will show it as “Installation-token not found”; the server will not locate this key as a valid.

How to Install and download Malwarebytes And Activate it With License Key Android?

To install and download Malwarebytes, and after that to activate it with license key, follow below steps:

Step 1: First install Malwarebytes app from Google play store.


Step 2: After installing the application, open the app. You will see “Dashboard” as given in the below picture.  Go and click the drop down “Menu” as highlighted in the below picture.


Step 3: Now you will notice the “Upgrade” option as shown in the below picture. Click that!


Step 4: A window will open, and you will see the “Activate” button at the top right corner. Refer to the below picture.


Step 5: Finally activation pop-up will open, asking you to enter Malwarebytes license key. Enter the valid key and hit the “Apply” button.



We hope with our help, you were able to install Malwarebytes antivirus for free and activate it with our free Malwarebytes premium activation key and ID. Now you don’t need to worry about offline and online threats to your PC. Because with this antivirus, your system and data both are protected and in safe hands.

Though all activation keys and IDs were working, but still if you encounter any problem during activation of the program, you could mail your query to us on [email protected]. In addition to that, you can also reach out to us on our Telegram discussion group.

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