[100% Working] Free Microsoft Office 365 Product Key (2021)


100% Working Microsoft Office 365 Product Key Free

In this blog, we are going to introduce you to Microsoft Office 365 and its applications and services. It’s easy to get Office 365 and install in your PC, but that’s not sufficient. You will need to activate it with Microsoft Office 365 Product key. Otherwise, you will be able to use it for only limited time. Most importantly, security services and new updates will be stopped altogether.

But after Microsoft Office 365 product key activation, none of above is going to occur. That’s why we are going to provide you with free Microsoft Office 365 product keys. After that, you could activate the program and enjoy it for free with all its features, services, and new updates.

And if you want Key of Office 2010 or Microsoft Office 2007, you can consider reading our blogs on the same. We have provided product keys for both Offices in the blogs as well.

Organize your work and personal life with the Microsoft Office 365 Product Key. It contains 1TB of cloud storage to give you room for your latest photos, videos, music, and documents. Enjoy online file storage that will never be full with 1 TB of storage in the cloud. Microsoft Office 365 provides you with more options to save time and get work done from anywhere. With the familiar look and feel of Office in a cloud-connected, always up-to-date environment, you can access, share and edit documents and emails. Get greater security too—Office 365 helps protect your data with e-discovery tools and legal holds.

But before you activate the application with our free product key for Microsoft Office 365, let’s know about it.

Now be off to intro!


About Microsoft Office 365

Even if you are occasional user of computer, you must be with familiar Microsoft Office in general. No? Ever heard of MS Word, MS Excel, or Outlook? That’s what MS Office contains besides much more! In short, Microsoft Office is a suite that provides you with office applications and cloud-based securities and services. Despite using it for long time, people still get confused between Microsoft Office 365 and just Office 365. So before delving into MS Office 365 in more detail, let’s understand the difference first.

In short, Microsoft Office 365 contains Office 365 and many other cloud-based services and securities. So, if you are purchasing Microsoft Office 365, then you will get Office 365 with it. But the opposite is not true. By buying Office 365 alone, you will be leaving out significant services such as SharePoint online, Exchange online, Microsoft Team, Windows Virtual Desktop and many more. Preceding cloud-based platforms are valuable as they make sharing and connecting easy with many people at the same time. Especially they are made for businesses so that they could connect people quickly and effectively.

But if you are not into business, but want office suite only, then go for Office 365 alone. There will be almost all office applications like Word, Excel, Outlook, PowerPoint, Access, Publisher, and OneDrive.

Remember that the count of apps and services might differ depending on the version and edition of the program.

Above you have seen the difference between Microsoft Office 365 and Office 365. Based on that, former offers more. So, we would advise you to go for that as we will be giving you free product key for Microsoft Office 365.

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Addition Information about Microsoft Office 365 Product Key

Microsoft Office 365 is the newest suite of smart applications that you can use to read, create and share your documents. Instantly integrate with Microsoft Office, SkyDrive (One Drive) and Outlook email accounts for easy access from your desktop, laptop and smart phone. Additionally, you also get up to five licenses (for family members or employees), which allows users to share their work from virtually anywhere with any device. This is a new type of software licensing. When you subscribe to Office 365, you own the licenses but not the software itself. However, you will be able to install Office 365 on multiple devices and sync them using.

For a one-time purchase of £29.99 you can download Microsoft Office 365, which includes Word, Excel, PowerPoint, OneNote, Outlook and Publisher for 1 PC or Mac. These products are only compatible with the new Windows 10 operating system (not available on Apple computers).


Features of Activated Microsoft Office 365

Above we have named some of applications and services of Microsoft Office 365. Now let’s look at what these applications and services offer and how they facilitate our work and communication. Because of limited time and space, it’s hard to list all the features. Therefore, we will touch on only those that are significant and widely used. To make distinction between MS Office and Office clearer, we are going to list applications and services of each separately. But mind that if you are installing MS Office 365, you will get Office 365 as a package deal. Opposite is not true. Therefore, it’s advisable to install Office 365 and activate it with our free Microsoft Office 365 product key.

Note: The number of features differs in MS Office 365 depending on the version and edition you are using.

Applications of Premium Office 365

Word: MS Word is text processor and editor. It deals with text-based documents. With its help, you can change the size, colour, style, font etc. of text and make your document presentable and appealing. As you get Editor in Office 365, now it is easy to check for grammar, structure and spelling as well.

Excel: MS Excel comes with basic arithmetic and conditional functions and is used for simple accounting.  Therefore, instead of white text page, it has spreadsheet made up of intersecting rows and columns. And this intersection forms cells in which you can enter data. By using MS Excel, you can create budget, keep recodes, do data entry, perform basic accounting, calculate instalment plan and EMI and so on and so forth.

PowerPoint: MS PowerPoint is slide-based program. You use it for presentation. With it, you can create animated text, pictures and shapes and set them in motion. After gaining good knowledge of PowerPoint, you could even create animation videos in 2D.

Services of Premium Microsoft Office 365

Teams: MS Teams is used for communication and sharing among people. With it, you can do video conference, schedule meetings, assign work, hand out documents, share your Windows screen and more.

OneDrive: Ever of Google Drive? OneDrive is almost similar. You can think of OneDrive as a hard drive which is cloud-based. You can upload your files and folders here, and it will not take any space in your physical hard drive. OneDrive has its own space. But to use it, you need to get connected with internet. Otherwise, it will not work. It is not like hard disk in our PC.

SharePoint: MS SharePoint is like OneDrive. But instead of individual use, SharePoint is for group. On this platform, people can share documents and media files of all sorts and work on them simultaneously. For example, a document needs to pass through four people; first writes the content, second reviews it, third authorizes and approves and the last sends it to the client. Here what we can do is to upload the documents on SharePoint. Each concerned employee can log in to SharePoint and work on the document. After that, we do not need to send the soft copy of the document again and again to each employee.

If you want all above features, then activate the software now with our free Microsoft Office 365 product key. After Microsoft Office 365 product key activation, you will be able to use all these without any interruption.


Full List of Product Key for Microsoft Office 365

As stated before, you need to activate Office 365 with Windows Office 365 product key. Only after that, you can use the program without any interruption and restriction of usage.  There are some editions of MS Office 365, and we cannot provide license key for all editions. However, we have listed Microsoft Office 365 Pro Plus product key. So, if you are using that edition, good for you.

And please keep in mind that each Windows Office 365 product key is for once only and can be used by single user. Therefore, hurry up and activate your MS Office first.

Office 365 Product Key List



Windows Office 365 Activation Key List [Windows/Mac]


Microsoft Office 365 Pro Product Keys

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Ofiice 365 Free vs Paid

Free Paid
You get constant notification asking you to activate your MS Office 365 with product key. Once you have done Microsoft Office 365 product key activation, there is no unnecessary notification.
Limited Features and functionality. In free version, you will be deprived of some features and functionality. And all new updates are withheld. In paid version, you receive full version of every application with all its features and functionality. And whenever there is new update, you are the first to receive it.
There are no online applications in free version. You can’t run, for example MS Word, online without having it installed. In paid version, you get online applications. Even if you have not installed any applications like MS Word or MS Excel, you can still run them online. They are cloud based. There is no difference between these online applications and installed ones. Only difference is former need internet while later don’t.


FAQ – Windows Microsoft Office 365 Product Key

How To Find Office 365 Product Key?

To find activation key for Office 365 of yours, you need to log in into your Microsoft Account. After that, go to tab named “Services and Subscriptions”. Here you will see all your purchased software and services. If you have purchased Office 365, then it will be listed there as well.  Go to your MS Office, there you will see “View Product Key” option. Now click on that, there you go!

How To Install Office 365 With Product Key?

To activate Office 365 with product key, you need to get the program itself. You can get it from any third-party software website and install it. While installing, there is no need of product key. But after that, you come to our blog, get free Windows Office 365 from above section, and activate the program.

Or if you are purchasing Office 365 at retail store, then there will instructions in the box. After reading instructions given in manual, you can install Office 365 with product key.

You could buy product key for Microsoft Office 365 from online as well. You will receive the product key on your email. After that, go to Office 365 setup on Microsoft’s website or click here. Now log in with your Microsoft account. Next enter the product key you received on your email. It will take time to verify the product key whether it is valid and legal. If it is, then you will be directed to setup and applications depending the product key. Finally, you can install the Microsoft 365 setup in your computer.

You can also get the MS Office setup from Microsoft’s website. But first you will have to subscribe to a plan.

Microsoft Office 365 Plans


We hope you found this blog helpful. Now you may have some idea about Microsoft Office 365 and its applications and services. In this blog, we also cleared the confusion between Microsoft Office 365 and Office 365. So, install the one that suites your work and activate it with our free Windows Office 365 product key. If you are using Pro Plus edition, then good for you. Because we have given some Microsoft Office 365 Pro Plus product keys as well.

And if you are interested in Free Office 2010 or Free Office 2007 key, you can read our blogs on the same. We have provided product keys for both Offices in them as well.

If you encounter any problem while installing or activating the software, mail us on [email protected]. We would be glad to resolve the issues. And if you have any queries, you could ask us on the same email address as well. Or you can join our Telegram Discussion Group.

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